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Triderm ointment: application, analogs, responses

Medicine Triderm contains in the structure elements against a fungus, microbes and inflammatory processes. They make fine medical impact at skin diseases with a repeated infection.

Triderm ointment: application, analogs, responses

Triderm, this strongest means, it is impossible to apply it to prevention. It is applied to decrease in inflammatory process at dermatitis which is complicated by any infection.

Modes of production and structure

Today the preparation is made at pharmaceutical plants of SCHERING-PLOUGH LABO N.V firm which are in Portugal and Belgium.

Means is issued in the following types:

  • Ointment;
  • Cream.

Shampoo and gel Triderm isn't present. Under gel very often accept cream which visually looks as gel mix. The remedy is made in identical metal tubas by volume 15g and 30g., also they have identical structure and structure of highly active substances.

The structure of a preparation includes the following components:

  • Beta metazones dipropionat;
  • Klotrimazol;
  • Gentamycin.

The structure of cream and ointment differs only in additional elements. In ointment it is vaseline and paraffin in the liquid state. In cream, besides vaseline and paraffin, is also alcohols, a macrogoal, phosphorus acid, sodium hydroxide, a dihydrate digidrofosfat sodium.

What does Triderm treat?

It is applied at the dermatitis aggravated with the infection generated by activators, susceptible to medicine, or if such diseases are suspected as:

  • Elementary and allergic dermatitis;
  • Elementary started deprive;
  • Diffusion neurodermatitis;
  • Conditional neurodermatitis;
  • Eczema;
  • Dermatomikoza.

Main influence:

  1. Decrease in an allergy;
  2. Decrease in an itch and pains on an integument;
  3. Removal of an inflammation;
  4. Removal of pathogenic microflora;
  5. Removal of a fungus.

Because of the big sphere of influence this preparation has a fine result at treatment of a set of diseases of skin.

As to apply it

According to the instruction Triderm apply on sick sites of skin with a moderate layer, thus it is necessary to take also skin round the defeat center. Therapy is carried out twice a day, in the morning and before a night dream.

For receiving good result medicine needs to be used constantly. The period of therapy depends on size and an arrangement of the centers of an illness, and also on the patient's reflexes.

Triderm ointment: application, analogs, responses

If after use of cream or ointment within a month of improvement aren't observed, it is necessary to pass inspection on specification of the diagnosis.

The preparation is forbidden to be applied to treatment of diseases of eyes and about eye part. If when using Triderm appears annoyance, sensitivity is formed and there is other infection, treatment is required to be stopped.

Drawing a preparation on an integument is followed by penetration of antibiotics into blood because of what the components entering into structure influence systemically.

Restrictions in use

Application Triderm has a number of restrictions. Treat them:

  • Emergence of a sif on a term;
  • Hydration terms after a vaccine;
  • Kids till two years;
  • Elementary herpes;
  • Chicken pox;
  • Skin tuberculosis;
  • Allergy to the components entering into structure Triderm.

Very accurately and under supervision of the dermatologist cream and ointment is applied by pregnant women, especially on early terms, kids, at chronic diseases. Use of medicine on extensive zones terms, at its damage, and also applying okklyuzionny bandages, it is also carried out under supervision of the expert.


Local by-product in a zone of use of cream or ointment arise not often, and terms and a big ches are expressed in burning, an eritemiya, an intertrigo, violation of color. Beta metazones in structure of a preparation can cause such side effects, as:

  • Burning;
  • Ches;
  • Dryness of an integument;
  • Growth of hair;
  • Acne rash;
  • Emergence of whitish spots;
  • Dermatitis;
  • Allergic dermatitis;
  • Integument soaking;
  • Necrosis of skin;
  • Extensions;
  • Potnitsa.

Klotrimazol who influences against a fungus, has such by-product: reddenings, prickings on an application site, bubbles, a deskvamation, local hypostasis, ches, a potnitsa and annoyance.

Gentamycin in structure of ointment or cream in the form of collateral results can cause only a redness and ches skin.

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

To use cream and ointment during pregnancy it is possible, only if the probable positive result for the woman is higher than probable risk for the kid. Pregnant women can't apply ointment or cream on extensive zones terms and throughout big time.

Whether today it isn't known the preparation can be transmitted to the kid through mother's breast. Therefore at Triderm's drawing in the period of a lactation it is better to stop feeding by a breast.

Drugs, similar on medical influence.

There are drugs which are very similar on influence on Triderm. These preparations have in the structure identical active agents, as in cream or ointment Triderm. Also these drugs have identical medical result, but differ on chemical structure.

If Triderm suits the patient, it can be changed not for expensive analog. Such drugs, as belong to analogs Triderm:

  • Akriderm of group of companies;
  • Kanizon +;
  • Akriderm SK;
  • Belosalik;
  • Betasal;
  • Diprosalik;
  • Kandiderm;
  • Kleore;
  • Momat-page.

Triderm ointment: application, analogs, responses


The cost of medicine can baht of the various. It depends on a commercial extra charge in pharmaceutical point, expenditure for safety and transportation, I will eat pharmaceutical point, etc.

The cost of cream is one quarter lower than ointment. The price of a tube of ointment of 15 g in size makes 530-21 USD, and the tube of cream of the same size will cost 460-18 USD

Ointment and cream in tubas of 30 g in our country isn't on sale. At acquisition of a preparation in pharmaceutical point it is necessary to look at an expiration date. It makes 3 years after a date of issue.

Triderm is required to store in the dry, protected from the sun place at t +25 °. If to violate storage conditions, the preparation will lose part of the therapeutic qualities. Ointment or cream without recipe of the doctor is on sale.

Reviews of a preparation

Responses about a preparation the different: from admiration to a full negative. It is connected with that to someone Triderm helped to recover from a strong disease, and to someone only aggravated situation, having cured one illness, gained dermatitis or any side effect.

The preparation is very productive in treatment of the complicated diseases, defeat of an integument of a fungus. Many some years test torments from a deskvamation and a ches in a zone of bikini which are provoked by a fungus or microbic dermatitis. In these cases Triderm is the good medicine curing this pathology. In such cases patients praise this preparation.

Most often people use a preparation without recommendation of the doctor, violating all instructions. In this case there is a set of side effects. Then patients write bad responses about Triderm.

Therefore, reading responses or making the decision on application of this medicine, it is necessary to assess very in detail a situation, to consult with the doctor, actually when drawing a preparation the positive result will be reached or not. Triderm is required to compare risks and probable consequences with result from use.