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Urological laying for women: how to choose?

In medical practice such unpleasant problem as a mochenederzhaniye is very often noted. More women that is interesting, different age suffer from it. The modern pharmacology offers convenient rescue – the moisture absorbing laying. They are convenient in application, are conveniently attached to underwear. We will consider the existing versions and as it is correct to choose available means of own hygiene on free sale.

Urological laying for women: how to choose?

The urine incontience reasons at women

According to data of health care, every third of all women has this illness that affects completeness of her life, brings unimaginable tortures.

The period of incubation of the child, childbirth, inflammations of urinogenital system, climax – only some moments involving emergence of a spontaneous mochenederzhaniye. Need of medical intervention is defined depending on weight and a kind of an illness.

Mochenederzhaniye types

There are some kinds of an incontience of urine:

  • continuous insignificant allocation;
  • periodical cyclic allocation;
  • spontaneous allocation of an urine at a sharp desire of a bladder;
  • incontience during a dream – enuresis;
  • spazmichesky, at a severe cough, etc.

The kind of types and volume of the emitted liquid define a kind of the applied laying. They differ with properties of the absorbing material, the size, a type of application – reusable and single, number of absorption and, of course, the price.

Options — the set, and only correctly made choice will return to the woman feeling of confidence and comfort.

Choose convenience

Most of women at emergence of this problem try to use means for daily application, or a menstrual cycle. However they aren't capable to absorb instantly an urine and therefore cause feeling of constraint, inconvenience.

Urological laying is similar with traditional, but bears strictly special mission, thereby solving the arising delicate problem, thanks to the anatomic breed and special materials by means of which liquid is absorbed and the smell keeps.

Rules of a choice

How to make a right choice.

First, it is necessary to consider essence of a problem: incontience type, recurrence and profuseness of allocation. Functional features of the suffering woman: whether she is able to rise or go, a condition of skin to crotches.

Secondly, it is necessary to consider a product form: it has to coincide with physiological features of a structure of separately taken woman; to pay attention to the moisture absorbing qualities and a size range.

Thirdly, it is price policy. Manufacturing firms now a large number, is also opportunity to choose on the purse.

Not superfluous will be to take an interest in reviews of other people of this or that production.

I suggest to consider each of criteria separately.

Urological laying for women: how to choose?


Many women believe that than the product is thicker, it is better for those. However this popular belief. Many means of protection intended for use at periods are much thicker, than urological, but can't quickly absorb a large number of an urine and hold it, after all are intended for other substances and smaller volume.

Urological laying has the smaller thickness but as are made of special structure, easily copes with this task, and correctly picked up form protects from course.

At a choice of this means of individual protection it is necessary to consider extent of allocations which is defined by number of volume of the lost liquid every day:

  • 1 degree: the minimum – less than 50 ml.
  • 2 degree: the easy – 50-100 ml.
  • 3 degree: average – 100-200 ml.
  • 4 degree: the heavy – 200-500 and more ml.

For everyone there is the characteristic type of products capable comfortably to overcome unpleasant time.

Neutralization of a smell.

One of unpleasant problems which women should face, presence of the unpleasant smell resulting from interaction of urine with microbes is. Urological laying perfectly copes and with this problem, allowing representatives of the fair sex to feel comfortably and easy.

Interaction with crotch skin.

Correctly chosen means have no the irritating effect on skin of the person at all. The top layer is presented to them by the special smothering components which don't cause an allergy. However and here it is worth noticing about need of correctly chosen form and the size of the body of laying, and also volume of the allocated urine. Correctly made selection will save the woman from deformation of a product, from irritation and an intertrigo.

Firms manufacturers

Today consumer wounds it is captivated by the various range of this production, different types and various firms manufacturers are presented to attention of the buyer.

For every taste and a purse it is possible to find the desirable. Now the top of the best firms manufacturers is presented by the following trademarks:

MoliMed, Depend, Tena, Abena, Seni, Tena.

We will consider only some:

  • TENA – this firm represents production for protection from an insignificant incontience. Their production is appreciated a subtlety, ease and a convenient configuration.
  • SENI. SeniLady – are made also for suffering from uncomprehensive forms of an incontience. They are presented by seven various sizes and provide absolute comfort and the raised safety degree. They including are suitable for pregnant women and recently given rise women. The anti-bactericidal layer provides fine protection against a smell.
  • MoliMed. The biggest campaign on the let-out range. It totals more than ten types of production, various on thickness and volume of the absorbed liquid. Their range includes also the woman MoliMed pants urological pants enjoying at a fine half special popularity. The products of this firm substantially surpass all known analogs. Especially it should be noted their gipoalergichnost and pH 5,5 effect.

Urological laying for women: how to choose?

The chosen laying has to not only carry out well the direct function, but also give to the woman pleasure from feeling of confidence and safety. Having taken all above criteria and justification into account, you will make a right choice.

However it is necessary to remember that though laying and is comfortable means of personal hygiene, before their use it is necessary to carry out careful processing of genitals always.

It is important to maintain personal hygiene and to change laying each 5 hours. Anti-bactericidal protection of this product is calculated on such period. If laying uses during the postoperative period, before each replacement seams should be processed.

Of course, use of urological laying substantially facilitate life, but they can't solve the main problem – an urine incontience. It only a consequence, but not the reason, and, as a rule, speaks about presence of some serious disease. In order to avoid adverse effects at emergence of the first signs it is necessary to address to experts surely.

Your health in your hands.