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Dryness of a vagina: reasons and treatment

Many women in the life had to face one of the most delicate problems, as dryness of a vagina. It is shown during this period their lives when at them comes transition from the termination of a menstrual cycle to a postmenopause. This indisposition, as well as many others, began to trap women at quite early age.

Dryness of a vagina: reasons and treatment

What is such atrophic vaginit. This disease results from thinning and wrinkling of walls of a uterus, and also reduction in the amount of greasing in a vagina. All this leads to discomfort and pains at occupations by sex, walls of a vagina bleed, and burning and an itch are also felt.

Availability of the greasing liquid in a vagina at each woman various, but the woman of it can't feel as greasing has no color and a smell.

Reduction of greasing in a vagina can lead to formation of the bacterial environment. This illness negatively influences intimate life of the woman, because of pain the woman tries to avoid sex.

In what reason of developing of this disease?

Emergence of dryness of a vagina can be shown at women of any age and have the different reasons.

As practice shows, this disease is shown at women from forty-year age to the sixty-year-old. During this period there is a decrease of hormonal level, and this estrogen controls standard of moisture content and acidity of a vagina. If there is a lowering of the level of an estrogen, level rN decreases that leads to increase in alkali in a vagina. Fine fabrics and lowered rN allow to get to infections, and give it to formation of ulcers and cracks on the stenochkakh of a vagina. As a result of urethra exhaustion fungal diseases can get into a vagina with ease, and it can lead to an infection of urinary tract.

Dryness of a vagina is promoted by allergic reactions, on any hygienic means, such as lotions, soaps, spirits and so forth as in them there can be a high content of alkalis.

Considering all aforesaid, choosing intimate hygienic means it is necessary to examine structure of contents attentively. Hygienic means shouldn't contain a large number rN, but in it fats are obliged to prevail. It is impossible to use hygienic means for decrease in dryness, it can cause an exacerbation of a disease.

The best way will be use of soap in which there are a lot of fats, it has to be decoloured and not flavored. As the provoker of dryness of a vagina dyes, fragrances in laundry detergent and toilet paper with a smell can act. For avoiding of inconveniences it is necessary to exclude all these subjects from your list of consumption.

Medicinal medical preparations as they are capable to lower an estrogen can become one more cause of illness. Can be these medicines: a different look antidepressant, preparations the lowering pressure, desensibilizitor, treatments of myoma of a uterus, an antigistaminna.

Dryness of a vagina: reasons and treatment

Application of oral contraceptives can also entail emergence of this illness.

We can feel dryness of a vagina and in recent days before periods. At this time the maintenance of a progesterone raises, and an estrogen is lowered.

Most often this disease can be shown at the smoking women as inflow of blood decreases that leads to atrophy of cages. At such women the menopauzny period comes earlier, and treatment to little purpose.

At a cancer disease to the patient appoint sessions of chemotherapy and beam treatment that reduces work of genitals.

Don't follow to abuse syringings as it promotes deterioration of microflora of a vagina that in turn results in its dryness.

It isn't necessary to miss from attention that pregnancy and childbirth, frequent stressful situations, power loadings can also become the reason of this disease.

Ways of fight against dryness of a vagina

Because of deterioration of a hormonal background in the period of a premenopause can arise vaginit. Physicians at a disease of a vagina appoint hormonal therapy which basis is the estrogen. It helps to restore work of walls of a vagina. Hormonal therapy can be carried out, using preparations of local application.

Types of vaginal hormonal therapy

Vaginal hormonal therapy differs three types:

  1. Vaginal a suppository, carry out its once per day, procedure duration some weeks. Further they will be seen by two times per day, to recovery.
  2. Introduction of an estrogenny ring to a vagina, it is capable to take the vagina form, than facilitates assimilation of an estrogen.
  3. Use of vaginal creams which are entered into a vagina by means of special applicators, procedure duration two weeks. Later all this make one – three times a week.

Often the result is visible on the expiration of several days of carrying out procedures. It is noticeable by the strengthened krovopritok in coxofemoral area, increases in amount of greasing in a vagina.

Dryness of a vagina: reasons and treatment

Other ways of treatment

To get rid of dryness of a vagina it is possible to start applying non-hormonal greasing in the form of intimate cosmetics. At first it is applied by three times a week, its application is favorable in the morning. We use each three days later.

It isn't necessary to restrain itself in water reception as it brings toxins out of our organism, it is necessary to drink eight glasses of water per day. It is impossible to exclude the use of fats as the organism will be exhausted by cholesterol and other useful substances.

For this purpose what it is necessary to get rid of this disease that you would have a regular sex as at excitement inflow of blood to genitals amplifies and vaginal greasing is emitted. The regular training of the woman sex prolongs her life cycle, promotes improvement of health, the vitality raises. If the woman regularly conducts sexual life her to a vagina that doesn't threaten, it remains the healthy. Frequency of inflow also decreases.

Not to get rid of this illness independently, it is necessary to establish the reason of its emergence.