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ValgusStop (Valgusstop) - ointment from a stone on a foot

Deformation of foot, pain when walking – Valgusstop, ointment from a stone on a foot – an ideal solution.

ValgusStop (Valgusstop) - ointment from a stone on a foot

If at long walking on heels, you start feeling burning pain, most likely, at you the stone at the foot thumb basis starts appearing. Unpleasant feeling? It is too poorly told. Pain takes place on all foot, the only thing of what you now dream, it somewhat quicker to come back home and send from itself footwear which at this moment seems to you the tool of tortures.

Unfortunately, it is simple to give rest to feet insufficiently. If you didn't start a situation yet, you need to undertake something. And if the stone on a foot is already for you a big problem, especially it is necessary to fight against it.

The thumb joint on a foot is deformed owing to platypodia. In this case body weight is distributed unevenly, the bone and cartilaginous head of a plusnevy stone should assume all weight.

Such deformation involves pain and fatigue when walking. The orthopedic footwear in combination with ointment Valgusstop can solve a stone problem on a foot.

In what cases it is recommended

  • If you start noticing that the stone at the basis of a thumb starts increasing.
  • If during walking you feel pain.
  • If the deformation place periodically inflames.
  • If you feel that the musculocopular device of feet weak.
  • If in foot there is a blood circulation violation.
  • If standing is a callosity and coarseness of skin.
  • If there is a platypodia.

From Valgusny deformation about 30% of the population of our planet suffer. And responses of many people testify that ointment is rather effective. It was noticed that ointment Valgusstop removes painful symptoms and an inflammation, is an excellent prophylactic and interferes with further deformation of foot.

ValgusStop (Valgusstop) - ointment from a stone on a foot

Composition of ointment Valgusstop

Ointment has such curative effect thanks to the structure:

  • Medical bile. It should be noted that it is a product natural, got from an organism of horned cattle. Bile is used at arthritises, arthroses and radiculitis. This anesthetic removes inflammations, and also normalizes a salt exchange. Besides, bile has action rassasyvayushchy. Round a sore joint the lymph can stand, the stone, respectively becomes even more. Getting to soft fabrics, bile rassasyvat a stagnant lymph and interferes with further development of a valgus. Bile medical is the main ingredient.
  • Glycerin is also available as a part of ointment. Without it it would be rough. Glycerin serves as the stabilizer of structure.
  • Mountain arnica, its extract. This herb perfectly gets on with needles. It is most widespread in Lithuania and the Western Ukraine. Use it at wounds and bruises. It is a part of ointment as the element healing and disinfecting. In Germany this plant is called "a falling grass" for its ability to heal wounds.
  • Palm-oil is rich with vitamin A and removes an inflammation of vessels.
  • Salicylic acid is an anti-septic tank, and also increases permeability of skin. Exactly thanks to salicylic acid, ointment starts working much quicker. Callosities and coarse skin quickly disappear, the Piglet becomes smooth and soft.
  • Essential oils of mint, raspberry, carnation and lavender, as well as salicylic acid increase curative properties of the main component – bile. The useful organic acids and microcells which are a part of essential oils disinfect and calm the angry skin of foot. Except medicinal properties, essential oils give to ointment pleasant aroma.

The rich composition of ointment is capable to yield remarkable result. It is only necessary to be adjusted on a full course of treatment without breaks.

Recommendations about application

On clean skin of feet ointment needs to be rubbed before full absorption by the massage movements. Then, if there is a fixing tire, it is possible to put on it. During the day of a foot it is possible to grease several times. For the night, having spread foot, it is recommended to put on a sock that there was a warming effect and not to stain linen.

Still contraindications to use of ointment weren't revealed, but it is necessary to remember that some ingredients can cause an itch and allergic reactions. In any case, bile isn't applied on skin if there are any wounds or other inflammations. Pregnant women and feeding too need to avoid contact with ointment because of availability of bile in it.

Of course, it is necessary to use ointment at once as soon as you feel the first symptoms of a disease. But even if a problem already serious up to that it is difficult for you to pick up suitable footwear, ointment needs to be applied. Perhaps, to correct valgusny deformation it won't turn out, but to eliminate pain and to facilitate the state quite really.

At treatment an indispensable condition is your patience. To cure valxgus quickly it won't turn out, at least 1 month, and even 2. You will lighten at once because pain will leave, but it doesn't mean that you are already healthy. Be treated properly, a full course, and you will see result.

ValgusStop (Valgusstop) - ointment from a stone on a foot

And the price is acceptable?

Perhaps, about 14 USD in a drugstore will seem to you expensively. By the way, ointment Valgusstop is not deficiency, it can be bought easily. And it is better to order it in online store, it will be cheaper, from 9 to 10 USD. Anyway, how many wouldn't cost a preparation, effect from it tremendous. And on health, as they say, don't save.

If you worry that ointment will become more expensive over time, and you haven't enough one tube, safely take one more, an ointment expiration date – 2 years. It is stored in a cool place.

And finally …

To avoid valgusny deformation, it is necessary to choose not only beautiful, but also convenient footwear. It shouldn't be too narrow and squeeze a foot. Shoes on a heel higher than 12 cm are not means for protection and convenience of movement any more, and "exercise machine". It is possible to wear no more than 30 minutes in day such heels, it strengthens a gastrocnemius muscle and tightens a belt

There are situations when the stylish footwear on a heel is simply necessary. It doesn't mean that it is necessary to pass on a hairpin in the afternoon. Let pair of shoes with a convenient platform sole will lodge in your handbag. You always in case of need will be able to change the shoes.

It is also impossible to go to footwear on a continuous sole, it leads to platypodia, platypodia – to deformation of foot.

Valgus can develop if there are problems with a thyroid gland. Therefore if you feel that to go to you becomes sick, address to the endocrinologist.

Valgus can be descended and. If at you someone from parents suffered from this problem, the probability is great, as to you won't carry. Knowing it, you can prevent a disease. Ointment Valgusstop in combination with carrying orthopedic insoles and specially picked up set of exercises for strengthening of muscles and a linking of foot, will make the business.