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Vulgar face blackheads: that it, reasons, treatment

Vulgar face blackheads are available for many people living in our country. Only the small part from them addresses to the expert for identification of the reason. They don't guess that actually eels can signal about problems in an organism and it is necessary to fight with them.

Vulgar face blackheads: that it, reasons, treatment

Than eels are?

Vulgar eels are a consequence of inflammatory processes and creations of fatty traffic jams in a time. As a rule, they appear in places of a congestion of sebaceous glands, namely — a face, a back and a breast. Vulgar eels also call simply eels or comedones.

They are divided often into two groups:

  • Closed (look as white puzyrik, traffic jams it is invisible).
  • Opened (traffic jams in them just are visible, represent black points, but this color is formed not because of dirt, and melanin).

Comedones in a nose are available practically for each person, problem zones also are — cheeks and a forehead.

Education reasons

Acne — concept, the comprising eels, spots, comedones, and also consequences after them, such as pigmentary spots. The first stage of an acne are black points. The mouth of a hair follicle is blocked by a stopper from grease allocations. The second stage is considered emergence of an infection, after it the comedone painfully reacts to any influence from the outside.

Further eels will remind red shishechka, on their tops pus will start accumulating. After several days "capsule" with pus will burst and already drying up, forms a protective crust. When everything begins to live, is great the probability of that on a place of a comedone there will be a small, but noticeable hem.

If to miss the treatment moment, chain process will be started. The next sebaceous glands will be exposed to infection, generating new problems.

It is possible to allocate peculiar "groups of risk", based on age. For example, at babies it is impossible to meet acne rash. It is expressed most actively at people at teenage age, approximately from 13 to 17 years owing to an unstable hormonal background. Usually they are formed in the T-zone, pursuing the person till 25 years.

Emergence of comedones at teenage age has a variety of reasons:

  1. The increased quantity of androgens, both at guys, and at girls, becomes, nearly main reason of acceleration of work of sebaceous glands.
  2. Change of a consistence of the secret developed by glands. They become more dense therefore it is more difficult to skin fat to leave a time. Thus, there are traffic jams, and after comedones and an acne.
  3. The become horny parts of skin peel more slowly. These parts clog up pores and create fine conditions for formation of comedones.

The increase in quantity of eels is influenced by the general weakening of an organism. If the person has a bad immune system, acne rash extends with bigger intensity.

Vulgar face blackheads: that it, reasons, treatment

Emergence of acne rash in people of any age:

  1. The broken hormonal background. As any changes lead decrease in immunity and, respectively, increase of work of sebaceous glands.
  2. The problems connected with a digestive tract.
  3. Failure of an emotional or psychological state who lead a stress.
  4. Gynecologic problems.
  5. Cosmetics on a fatty basis. This point concerns mostly to women who choose cosmetics not on a water basis, and on fatty (it clogs up pores that leads to formation of new eels).
  6. The increased sweating too can become the reason of deterioration of a condition of skin.
  7. Some medicines mean a side effect in the form of acne rash.

Disposal of comedones by means of special preparations

Independently to choose medicines quite dangerously, it is initially best of all to address to the expert but if such opportunity is absent, it is possible to use the limited list of preparations which aren't capable to do harm in huge scales.

If an acne benign, doctors often advise to use means with lemon juice, sulfur or Ichthyol. In this case the following preparations which deserved the reputation can help: Klerasil, Skinoren and Kleaskin. These cream well dry fat skin, relieve the person of eels and prevent emergence of the new.

If the acne in an average form, need application of retinoid. In this case to the expert recommend to use Retin-A as one of the best means.

If an acne in a heavy form, it is categorically forbidden to self-medicate also articles on the Internet — it to what precisely you shouldn't address.

Disposal of vulgar eels in house conditions

The preparations given below don't bear any danger if isn't present in existence of an allergy and excessively fanatical desire to put as much as possible funds on the face.


The best of them are acids:

  • Azelainovy acid. It peels the become lifeless skin slices, disinfects and cleans grease traffic jams. At ordinary eels acid can act as means of full treatment and if there are purulent spots, it is better to use it in total with stronger preparation. Any cream containing this acid should be applied 2 times a day and only pointwise. The course of treatment lasts three months, and the effect is visible already through one. After use of azelainovy acid there is no hypersensibility to the sun, emergence of pigmentary spots is prevented, the minimum irritation of skin is caused.
  • Salicylic acid. It is capable to dissolve fatty accumulation in a time and to peel the become lifeless skin slices. Preparations contain 0,5-2% of the acid mixed with other substances helping to calm sensitive skin. To use salicylic acid on spots, but not on eels it is considered senseless because the visible effect won't be. If to use salicylic acid daily throughout long term, skin will become red and angry as acid strongly dries it. And on a dark face there can be pigmentary spots as acid has the bleaching character.

Vulgar face blackheads: that it, reasons, treatment

Natural means.

Besides medicines and acids, it is possible to use various broths, masks and compresses of own preparation.

  1. Compress with kalinovy juice. To crush a handful of berries to a condition of porridge. To dunk into it a slice of a gauze and to take on a problem zone of 5-10 minutes. To repeat daily for 3 months.
  2. Compress with aloe juice. Process of its preparation doesn't differ from the previous in any way. Unless the effect will be much more interesting, after all the aloe will extend the majority of traffic jams of a time and will render the disinfecting and moistening effect.
  3. If skin the fattest, it is possible to wipe it daily a lemon slice, but here too people should be more careful with swarty skin as it can quite be clarified.
  4. Camomile broth can also become the best friend in fight against eels. The tablespoon of raw materials needs to be made in 200 ml of boiled water and to wait about half an hour. Then to cool up to the acceptable temperature and to dunk a gauze, to put to the person for 10 minutes.

Finally it is necessary to allocate the general rules warning against appearance of acne on a face:

  • Daily washings, clarification of skin by means of special means.
  • At emergence even one eel instantly to be engaged in his treatment.
  • Not to press comedones independently, there is a probability to bring an infection.
  • To observe healthy nutrition. Sweet and flour can cause emergence of a new portion of acne rash.