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Walking on buttocks: advantage of exercise for women

Pelvic area very significant part of a body of the person. In it a lot of the major bodies are located. To support this area in a tone, such not difficult exercise as walking on buttocks will help. The first was written about this type of medical trainings in the 70th year by the scientist-physician Neumyvakin I. P.

Walking on buttocks: advantage of exercise for women

Initially it carried out treatment of hemorrhoids, locks, adenoma and other types of the illnesses connected with a rectum. But quite recently, walking on buttocks received popularity in the sphere of beauty. Now it helps to lose excessive kilograms and to strengthen belly, back and gluteuses, and also in fight against cellulitis.

What benefit to women will be brought by walking on buttocks

Walking on buttocks, first of all favorably affects a female organism. Some of the most significant advantages of this training, for women:

  • Removal of toxins and slags. In pelvic area there is a zone which is responsible for a digestive tract. Stimulating it by means of exercise, there is a strengthened removal of harmful substances from an organism.
  • Elimination of pains at periods. Pain during a menstrual cycle is the result of a small blood-groove to a mucous membrane of a uterus. Walking on buttocks helps to improve blood circulation in pelvic area and owing to what to minimize pain.
  • Strengthening of a backbone. During performance of exercises there is a strengthening of muscles of a back and increase in mobility of joints. It perfectly affects a condition of a backbone.
  • Treatment of gynecologic diseases. Thanks to exercise there is a blood circulation improvement that remarkably affects reproductive organs.
  • Fight against cellulitis. At the massage movements of buttocks about a floor there is a splitting of fatty cages.
  • Strengthening of muscles and loss of weight. During exercises muscles of buttocks, backs and the press strain that favorably influences their strengthening and a tonizirovaniye. In this regard there is a fast loss of excess centimeters and kilograms.
  • Improvement of a condition of skin and hair. At regular trainings there is a normalization of work of a gastrointestinal tract that leads to improvement of a metabolism. Owing to what the condition of hair and skin improves.

Walking on buttocks: advantage of exercise for women

Rules of performance of exercise

To withdraw as much as possible advantage and benefit of walking on buttocks, it is necessary to conform to the step-by-step rules of performance. The recommended time for occupations, this morning and evening for 10-15 minutes. It isn't enough time and slightly efforts will lead to desirable result.

  1. It is necessary to sit down on a floor, on buttocks, surely having spread a special gymnastic or usual rug. To straighten feet that between feet and a body there was a right angle. The back has to be a straight line. Important! During exercise it is necessary to watch a bearing to avoid damages.
  2. Hands are bent in elbows, doing a right angle. For complication of exercise, a hand it is possible to throw for the head.
  3. Now directly walking. At the same time the right side (the right foot and the right buttock) comes off a floor, is transferred by air forward.
  4. The same action should be executed and with the left side. And so in turn.

During walking performance, it is necessary to focus attention on buttocks. But also not to forget to help movement, a body.


Exercise "walking on buttocks" is suitable for performance of any age category, in not dependence on a fiz.podgotovka. But, as well as any physical activity has some contraindications:

  • First trimester of pregnancy. During the most risk period of pregnancy it is worth refusing physical activity, after all thereby it is possible to cause a hyper tone of a uterus and even to provoke an abortion.
  • Menstrual days. When performing walking on buttocks there is pressure upon a stomach and an abdominal cavity that the endometriya can cause an otsloyka.
  • Exacerbation of hemorrhoids. During physical culture there is tension and friction of buttocks. It can promote loss the gemorroidalnykh of knots and even to bleeding.
  • To belly-ache and waist. At pain around a stomach or a waist, performance of training can strengthen pain.

Also at the wrong performance, buttock walking can put to a complication organism.

Not observance of a ninety-degree corner leads to excessive load of a backbone and joints. That can cause insignificant injuries.

During exercises there is a friction therefore there can be a rash or reddenings. Surely it is necessary to use the correct dress code.

Pluses and minuses of buttock walking

As well as at any physical activity, buttock walking too has advantages and shortcomings. From pluses:

  • Absolutely not travmatichny type of exercises. Sitting on a floor, it is simply impossible to be traumatized.
  • Even the person low-prepared in the sports plan, with ease will execute these physiotherapy exercises.
  • Economy. Walking on buttocks can be carried out in house conditions, without being spent for the subscription in a fitness studio. It is easy to make actions for fight against cellulitis on a house rug.

Walking on buttocks: advantage of exercise for women

Also there are also some minuses:

  • Buttock walking isn't comparable on loadings with full training in the sports hall. For beginners is an optimum option. And here for more advanced athletes, it is similar one warm-up more. And to them together with this walking, it is necessary to do additional exercises.
  • Such walking isn't capable fully of study of gluteuses. It only superficial training. For improvement of effect of elasticity of buttocks it is necessary to supplement it with deep knee-bends.

Useful tips

There are some nuances to which it is necessary to listen prior to trainings.

  • Before occupation by buttock walking, it is necessary to warm muscles, that is to make warm-up. It is possible to make inclinations or some knee-bends.
  • In order to avoid rubbing, for occupations it is worth putting on the fitting trousers or leggings.
  • After exercises it is obligatory to moisten skin with cream or oil.
  • It is obligatory to watch a bearing. When performing walking on buttocks, the stomach should be pulled in, and to take away shoulders back.
  • The movements have to be slow and without breakthroughs.
  • With acquisition of experience, the movement it is possible to make not only forward or back, but also in the parties.
  • Time of performance of trainings gets out individually, depending on the level of physical preparation. It is necessary to begin of 10 minutes, increasing duration till 30 minutes.

Walking on buttocks is the multipurpose exercise capable to change to the best a condition of a lower body. With ease both women, and men can be engaged in it. In total slightly efforts, and already after a while it is possible to see, and even to feel result. And time which to be spent for this exercise, so isn't enough that is comparable with viewing of one series of series.

It is possible without special effort to enter to itself into a habit of 15 minutes in day to spend for training. But as the body, both in external manifestations, and in the internal will be grateful. Elastic hips and buttocks, a bottom without orange crust, the decreasing figure on scales and healthy female internals – same are also happiness.