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What is necessary for manicure in house conditions? Tool kit, description and recommendations of professionals

The set for manicure in house conditions can strongly differ depending on a way of processing of nails. Each professional has a special case in which it selects the tools convenient personally for itself(himself) and the clients. Respectively and in house conditions sets can differ. What tools are necessary for manicure in various cases, we will look below. What is necessary for manicure in house conditions? Tool kit, description and recommendations of professionals

Manicure European

Not cut manicure which is quite enough on well-groomed hands with light skin and a thin cuticle. In this case the cuticle slowly grows and looks accurately even without trimming. Moreover, trimming can be in these cases even contraindicated as the sreazaniye of skin close to capillaries compels an epithelium to start protective reserves and, therefore, quicker grow. So that is necessary for manicure European:

  • Orange sticks, pusher or ceramic "hoof". These two tools are interchanged, but many pros have in an arsenal both. Pusher it is convenient to clean pterigiya on the started nails, ceramic "hoof" - the tool more delicate. For very thin sensitive nails it is better to take orange sticks.
  • Remuver for a cuticle. Professionals call them keratolitika. Means can be the different force of action, in house conditions it is possible to take, for example, a remuver from Sally Hansen (according to reviews it one of the most effective). Thin and rather well-groomed cuticle can be softened the usual softening cream (plentifully to apply cream, to take one-two minutes). Apply a remuver along with a tray to more intensive softening (apply on nails a remuver, lower in warm water).
  • Tray, water. Many prefer to do without preliminary soaking of a cuticle. It is reasonable because not each nails favourably perceive water. There is a type of a nail plate which under the influence of water starts exfoliating.
  • Nail file, scissors. Professionals almost don't use scissors for trimming of nails, simply use files with high degree of abrasivity if it is necessary to clean length. However is quite admissible to clean length scissors. Then it is possible to give the form by means of a file. Basic rule: saw only dry nails, cut only softened (right after a tray, for example).
  • Baf - the tool for grinding. If nails rather thick and their surface rough, it is possible to process bafy and to polish. By the way, if to take only polishing, it is very useful: the risk of emergence of microcracks which as a result can lead to demolitions, cracks, peelings of nails decreases.
  • Brush – for removal of motes and the remains of skin.
  • Oil for a cuticle. To them finish procedure of processing of nails. The most advanced "lakomanyak" use also specially picked up moisturizing cream. Apply it on a cuticle several times during the day is allows to hold it in uvlazhenny, an elastic state, slows down its growth and leads to that to the following manicure the cuticle won't demand serious processing.What is necessary for manicure in house conditions? Tool kit, description and recommendations of professionals

Cut manicure

What is necessary for manicure of this look? The set almost doesn't differ, will be required the same that in the list above, only in addition:

Hardware manicure

It is optional to follow the list above and to select, according to it, everything that is necessary for manicure. Tools can be replaced with one device. For hardware manicure of the house will be required:

  • The device for processing of nails. In house conditions this device can be seen seldom, however there are devices, available at the price, which are easy to use.
  • Antiseptics. Processing of nails and a cuticle the device is carried out only on dry skin therefore for preliminary preparation of nails it is better to use the fast-evaporating means on a spirit basis.

For the house choose the device with a speed of turns up to 15 thousand a second, easy, compact and available at the price. Nozzles can be got then separately. The following models will approach: Vital System from Zepter, SPA VT-2209 from Vitek, MP-7010 F0 from Rowenta, the machine from Victory, Strong. What is necessary for manicure in house conditions? Tool kit, description and recommendations of professionals

Covering usual varnish

The cuticle is processed, nails are ready to drawing a decorative covering. That the usual varnish well kept and on manicure too much time wasn't required, it is necessary to approach a question competently. Will be necessary:

  • Base.
  • Decorative varnish.
  • Top drying.

That is necessary for manicure gel varnish – read below. What is necessary for manicure in house conditions? Tool kit, description and recommendations of professionals

Sequence of performance of manicure by a usual varnish

The manicure is carried out by a usual varnish as follows:

  • Preparation of a cuticle, its softening. Apply on a cuticle a remuver or lower hands in a tray, or both at the same time – from 10 to 20 minutes. If the manicure hardware – this stage isn't necessary!
  • The cuticle is removed (either cut off, or process) a round mill.
  • Delete pterigiya - those parts of skin and dirt which accumulate directly under a cuticle. If there is a lot of them and hands aren't well-groomed, the cuticle can be as if "grown" to a nail plate. At a good softening it is easy to remove it. If it very rough, "become horny", is better to use only the device.
  • During processing the nail plate dries up, it is possible to cause base. Watch closely that nails were completely dry! If they though slightly damp, the varnish can "zapuzyritsya", and such manicure will long not keep.
  • Wait for drying of base and put a decorative varnish in one-two layers necessarily.
  • Put top drying. What is necessary for manicure in house conditions? Tool kit, description and recommendations of professionals

Manicure gel varnish

What is necessary for manicure gel varnish? The list is lower:

  • Set of coverings (is more detailed about it – below).
  • Ultra-violet lamp of 36 W (4 bulbs everyone on 8 W).
  • Nail files or bafa.
  • Liquid for removal of a sticky layer (cleanser).
  • Napkins without pile.
  • Liquid for removal gel varnish.
  • Foil.

It is possible to apply any of the means which are listed above to processing of a cuticle that is the list is formed individually. What is necessary for manicure in house conditions? Tool kit, description and recommendations of professionals

Set of coverings for manicure gel varnish

Set of coverings for manicure gel varnish

  • Ven.
  • Bond.
  • Base.
  • Gel varnish.
  • Top.

It, perhaps, the most important that is necessary for house manicure gel varnish, besides a lamp. Especially carefully it is worth approaching a choice of such varnish (all the rest choose from production of the same brand to avoid the conflict of means).

Short review gel varnishes

Professional varnishes of the road (the price of a bottle of 15 ml – from 24 to 50 USD), it will be unprofitable to collect an impressive palette houses, however it is necessary to consider that the difference between gel varnishes of different price categories can be huge. It will be noticeable in firmness, a poslushnost, safety for nails, even brightness and saturations of color.

Many masters consider Shellace from CND as the best though there are also negative responses: the varnish very badly keeps and ugly flies. However in most cases it is praised: dense, saturated color, equal, thin, but dense thus drawing, resistance to chips and scratches, durability on nails. The bottle of 7,3 ml will be enough on 15-20 manicures.

In’Garden So naturally – ambiguous option. At gel varnish of this brand the excellent bright colors, firmness which are looking after properties but to remove it it is difficult – the mechanical option is preferable, however not each hands will be able to remove gel varnish so that not to damage a nail plate. Besides, there are reviews of yellowing of nails after that means.

Colour Couture – the interesting, though not too often found gel varnish. Pluses: very good consistence, the huge palette (140 shades), firmness (three weeks of a faultless look), carefully thought over brush and a convenient bottle. This varnish allows to make qualitative manicure very quickly.

Sherilyn – seldom meets and generally among professionals, about it it isn't enough responses from ordinary customers, however this brand with truly German quality is worthy attention. Plastic and strong, it is perfectly fixed on a nail plate and keeps a fresh and accurate look throughout all process socks.

Ways to save

It is optional to buy everything that is necessary for manicure gel varnish, in professional shops. There are opportunities to replace these materials and, therefore, to save:

  • It is possible to meet the recommendation to use exclusively lint-free napkins, allegedly it excludes hit on nails of small garbage, however with the same success it is possible to use and usual tissues, all the same when wetting by liquid any pile is trampled down. It is possible to use usual cotton kerchiefs.
  • The foil will approach usual food, the roll costs not much, and it will last for a long time.
  • If gel varnish single-phase, the base and a top aren't necessary.
  • Also it isn't always necessary Ven. It is intended for degreasing of a nail plate and is rather strong means.
  • Instead of a special remuver it is possible to use usual liquid for removal of a varnish.
  • Liquid for removal of a sticky layer can be replaced with alcohol.

As the manicure gel varnish is carried out

We sorted, what is necessary for manicure gel varnish and how to use all these means?

  1. Processing of a cuticle one of ways is higher.
  2. Polishing of a surface of a plate. Coupling of a covering with a nail is so best of all reached. Do it by very easy movements, the plate has to become only rough, and thinner.
  3. It is put prep with easy, very fast movements. For processing of all nails one brush will be enough.
  4. The bond hitch represents something like glue which will allow a covering to keep better on a nail. Usually it is applied on tips. But it is possible to process also a zone near a cuticle if varnishes on your nails in general badly keep.
  5. Causing base - drying in a lamp of 2 minutes.
  6. The first layer gel varnish - drying of 2 minutes. The quantity of layers depends only on the varnish, in certain cases will be enough and one. Gel varnish differs on a consistence from usual therefore if there is no sufficient experience, it is better to apply thin films a little. The thick layer easily can ugly spread.
  7. Put the following layers, drying everyone.
  8. Drawing a top - drying of 2 minutes.
  9. Removal of a sticky layer.

It is better to process hands serially: so far one hand in a lamp, apply a varnish on another. But even if there is everything that is necessary for manicure in house conditions, step-by-step processing is seldom possible therefore be ready to that independent manicure gel varnish will demand more time, than in salon.