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What porridge the most useful

What does the only thing unite vegetarians and other people? It, of course, porridges. And absolutely different: on milk, on water, with vegetables, with fruit and so on. Before everyone (or nearly before everyone) ever there will be a question: what of this huge variety of porridges very best. To understand it our holy duty.

What porridge the most useful

So, for a start it is necessary to understand that harmful porridges don't happen. And also that universally useful porridge is also not present. It follows from this that the diet of each person has to include all porridges. It is possible to replace with porridge also some types of meat to receive proteins and carbohydrates useful to us. Let's sort main types of porridges and we learn to what each of them is useful.

Buckwheat cereal

Buckwheat is extremely rich with iron which the scarlet shade gives to our faces. The same iron accelerates a metabolism — buckwheat will be useful to the people keeping the figure. Yours heart and a liver will be very grateful to you if you use buckwheat on a constant basis. Buckwheat brings slags, and also (it is very important) cholesterol out of an organism.
Doctors appreciate this porridge generally for routines. Thanks to it you aren't threatened by diseases of vessels.
Summing up the result, it is necessary to tell that, despite abundance of useful qualities, buckwheat nevertheless it is necessary to use for prevention of above-mentioned illnesses.


Here we also approached an irritant of plaintive glands of children of all country. How many nervous cages were lost at them when they heard the word "Oat-flakes". That also consists in it all paradox. Porridge is better than the others the organism calms, with its help it is possible to struggle with a depression and melancholy. Vitamin B helps to cope with it everything to it. Also porridge can be useful to those who has stomach diseases. You can eat the favourite food (for example, very fat) without being afraid. But before it it is necessary to eat a porridge plateau floor. She will create a special layer which won't allow cholesterol to get into blood vessels.
What porridge the most useful
This porridge can be used as welded on water (more dietary option), and welded on milk (more high-calorie option). For keeping to a diet will approach to arrange fasting days by means of the first option.
Porridge isn't so full useful vitamins and enzymes as, for example, buckwheat, but will be ideally suited for those constantly keeps a figure and cares of the general condition of an organism.

Pearl-barley porridge

On turn, as they say, the most man's porridge. Not for nothing it makes the main diet of soldiers of many armies. After all that who eats pearl barley, avitaminosis (a lack of vitamins) because there contain doesn't threaten:
  • Vitamin A. It does your sight more sharply and strengthens immunity.
  • Vitamin B. What you are seen by people as you with them behave — all this depends on this enzyme. If to be more exact, he is responsible for a condition of your skin, fortress of your nervous system.
  • Vitamin D. One more component of your appearance (though not such noticeable). Namely, teeth and nails.
  • Vitamin E. To women it will be very interesting as it, as if deceitfully didn't sound, slows down aging.
From everything is higher than the told follows that pearl barley real a well of vitamins and useful substances, but you shouldn't run at once in shop and to buy up it bags because it is also not ideal. To prepare qualitative pearl-barley porridge, it will be required an hour and a half. Though there is the cunning: having killed pearl barley before cooking for three hours, it is possible to accelerate preparation for thirty minutes.

Rice porridge

The people who are constantly using rice never suffer from lack of energy or its shortcoming because it contains all enzymes necessary for this purpose: difficult carbohydrates. Rice porridge as actually and all others, it is possible to use fearlessly that who fixedly keeps the figure. In rice grains there is a lot of potassium which absorbs all salt from an organism, thereby clearing it. Lack of salt and the rice favors to those people who have diseases of kidneys or cardiovascular system.
What porridge the most useful
By rice it is possible to treat and do prevention of diarrhea, adjournment of salts and even quinsy, flu. In a word, porridge very useful especially for the people who are engaged in too energy-intensive activity. This porridge should be accustomed to be eaten since the childhood. If, for example, the child doesn't want to eat rice porridge, it is possible to accustom him to it having made porridge on milk. Then it will become exact it his darling.

Millet cereal

Almost all our previous "heroes" made advantage invisible to other people. Useful effects of millet cereal are visible, as they say, on the person. The main component of millet cereal is vitamin B which as we already managed to learn, is the main factor influencing a condition of our skin, a hair, etc. In particular:
  • B1 — will make you more cheerful, will overcome weariness and will positively affect your memory.
  • B2 — will help to cope with teenage spots and also will well affect your hair: will make them more dense and stronger.
  • B5 — will make your gait more graceful, having straightened a bearing.
Also are a part of millet grain iron without which there will be no healthy complexion, the manganese controlling a metabolism, and the fluorine which is responsible for our shining smile and healthy teeth.
Summarizing useful properties of all listed porridges, It is necessary to tell that universally useful porridge isn't present. Each of them bears the advantage for the person and to receive all useful substances which can only be received from porridges, it is necessary to make the schedule of food according to which you will use everyone put new porridge. Bon appetit.