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What probability to develop a cancer and how to avoid an illness

Malignant tumors gradually take positions of the most common causes of a lethality, along with diseases of cardiovascular system.

What probability to develop a cancer and how to avoid an illness

Besides the medicine notes essential "rejuvenation" of a cancer in the last 20-30 years. Deterioration of an ecological situation in the world, the increased use of products with cancerogenic substances, "drift" of oncogenes and other adverse factors promote increase of development of a cancer at children's and young age.

Even more often in our use the concept "kantserofobiya" (fear to develop a cancer) sounds. What probability to develop a cancer in different age categories actually and whether all should be afraid we will consider in article.

Cancer in 20-30 years

At young age the ozlokachestvleniye of cages results from gene mutations more often. Scientists continue researches of the possible hereditary nature of a cancer, and still unambiguously difficultly to answer the question "whether the blood cancer is descended" though prerequisites nevertheless exist.

At young people the risk of development of oncohematological diseases is high: lymphoma, leukoses, limfogranulematoz. The melanoma, a brain cancer, a cancer of small eggs can affect a young organism. Avoiding excessive influence of an ultraviolet, without abusing visit of a sunbed, visiting the doctor at the slightest changes of birthmarks or emergence of skin changes, it is possible to reduce, for example, probability of development of a melanoma. Regular routine inspections will allow to reveal precancer processes in time and to begin treatment before development of a cancer. In Israel special screening programs for early diagnosis of a cancer and detection of predisposition to an illness are developed.

What chance to develop a cancer in the middle age

Statistically in 30-40 years the cancer of obodochny intestines, stomach and other malignant tumors of system of digestion are more often diagnosed. Prompt loss of weight, a stomach pain, disgust for meat can testify to a cancer of a stomach.

Cancer tumors of a digestive tract can be revealed at an initial stage if periodically to pass the corresponding inspections. Especially it concerns people which relatives had cancer bodies of system of digestion. After 40 years the annual gastroduodenoskopiya and analyses on Helicobacter Pylory bacterium is recommended. In the First medical center of Tel Aviv the program of diagnostics with modern methods of researches, the test for opportunity to develop a cancer is offered to patients.

Lung cancer – one more oncopathology extended in the middle age. Refusal of smoking and a healthy lifestyle will be the best prevention of tumors of lungs.

The cancer of a bladder, urinary tract, kidneys affects mainly people of 40-50 years. The risk of developing of tumors increases by 15% if the disease is diagnosed for relatives of the first line.

Oncological diseases at elderly people

In process of aging of an organism the immune system loses ability to resist to uncontrollable cell fission. In 50-60 years at men the risk of a prostate cancer increases. Therefore at emergence of violations of an urination it is necessary to address to the urologist.

At women 50 years often are more senior the breast cancer, a uterus, ovaries is found. In Israel annual routine inspections of women after 40 years surely included mammography, gynecologic screening.

Prevalence of oncological diseases forces to belong to health more seriously. Regular screenings, treatment of precancer states, a healthy lifestyle, the healthy and various nutrition, the maximum exception of factors, favorable for a cancer, – effective ways of prevention of oncopathologies at any age.