Be beautiful » Beauty » That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: list of tools and materials

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: list of tools and materials

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: list of tools and materials

The varnish in house conditions at observance of all requirements can use gel any woman, the main thing – to get the list of the necessary expendables. The beauty and durability of a covering which isn't losing the attractiveness more than two-three weeks moved many to master such technique of drawing neyl-coverings. Faultless, resistant manicure – dream of each girl, and now it it is very simple to make.

Choice of color biogel

Gel varnish – a combination of the usual manikyurny varnish and a gel covering used at nail extension. Earlier these means used serially for creation of resistant manicure. Procedure took a lot of time and forces. Emergence of the unusual neyl-covering having the mass of advantages caused boom among women of all age.

Gel varnishes differ with time of polymerization and density. They stiffen only under the influence of beams to LED or the UF-lamp.

Important! It is necessary to read instructions to a product to learn about polymerization time.

The liquid structure under the influence of UF-waves will be transformed to a dense microfilm with a sticky layer which isn't deleted at once. It is used for strengthening of coupling with a decorative covering. At observance of all conditions of drawing, such manicure will hold on from 10 to 20 days on nails.

Types gel varnishes

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: list of tools and materials

Depending on a method of application structures happen the following:

  1. Base — transparent structure with which prepare a nail for drawing pigmentary gel varnish. Fill with it roughnesses of a nail plate.
  2. The colourless top is intended for fixing of manicure, tightness giving. It may contain small spangles. The finishing covering is issued with a dispersive layer and without it. In the first case it is erased by means of the lint-free disk moistened with the degreasing means. The top can be opaque or with glossy effect.
  3. Three-phase varnishes are put in three stages. At first there is a basis, then 1 or 3 layers of a color varnish. It is fixed by the finish.
  4. The two-phase combined in themselves properties of a color preparation with a basis or a top. Are respectively put not in three, and in two layers.
  5. Single-phase gel-nail varnishes — a combination of all three structures. Put them in one — two layers. They houses, most convenient for use. Besides, cost not much.

Popular brands offer the multipurpose means 2-v-1 combining properties of base with a top.

Advantages and shortcomings varnish gel

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: list of tools and materials

The gel varnish will be ideally suited for those women who want to strengthen a nail plate, thus having grown length.

So, obvious advantages of a hybrid varnish:

  1. The simple varnish keeps much more long, than. Chips don't appear about three weeks.
  2. Alignment of a surface of nails.
  3. At contact with household chemicals appearance not to spoil.
  4. The nail plate is less injured, than at usual building. The nail isn't made heavier.
  5. Excellent prevention of the fragile and exfoliating nails.
  6. Adds to a plate special gloss. This only covering which doesn't grow dull in time socks.
  7. Wide color palette.

It is necessary to store and apply such preparations correctly to avoid jelling. It is impossible to leave them near the working lamp, and also under direct sunshine. The cover of a bottle is twisted densely right after use.

It is possible to carry to minuses:

  • difficult procedure of removal;
  • allergy to components.
  • process borrows more long than time in comparison with classical manicure.

Also to make a covering shellac in house conditions, it is necessary to buy a special lamp. Sometimes happens that at some women such manicure doesn't keep because of hormonal changes or application of antibiotics.

What is required for manicure?

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: list of tools and materials

Further the list is provided, what materials are necessary for drawing gel varnish:

  • obezzhirivatel;
  • base;
  • color basis;
  • finish;
  • lamp;
  • lint-free napkins;
  • the liquid removing a residual sticky layer;
  • the means deleting structure.

Nail files polishings and baf are also necessary. Many think that will expensively get a starting set for house use. If to calculate, in one campaign on saloon manicure how many will manage, purchase will be justified.

Council! It isn't necessary to buy at once many bottles of color varnishes. It is recommended to stop a choice on bright and pastel shades.

Besides an initial set, the ultra-violet lamp on which the result of all procedure depends is necessary. You shouldn't get very expensive professional devices.

At its choice it is necessary to consider the following:

  1. Power varies from 9 to 36 watts. In turn device cost depends on it. In the first option hardening duration gel - nail varnish about 7 minutes, and in the device is more powerful than 120 seconds. The timer can be built in them. They inexpensive. From shortcomings note big parameters.
  2. Ice — lamas — the novelties of the nail industry differing in the small sizes that is very convenient for use of the house. Drying takes only half-minute. Minus — rather high cost.

If to buy a good lamp which to use accurately, it will serve some years. It is better to get model from 36 W for better drying.
It is possible to save, using alcohol as means for removal of stickiness. The simple paper towels cut on rectangles — excellent alternative to lint-free napkins. Usual liquid for removal of manicure can be used, as an obezzhirivatel. It has to be colourless and without somehow additives.

Process of work about gel varnish

Having bought a necessary set, it is possible to start drawing. The technology of performance is simple. Video will help beginners to make everything correctly below and will give answers, on the arisen questions.

The main thing – to observe all recommendations:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to make preliminary manicure, having given the necessary form to a nail and having removed a cuticle. There shouldn't be cracks and otsloek.
  2. To remove a glossy covering from a nail plate, using a file with abrasivity to 260 grit. It is necessary for the best hitch with base and for decrease in risk of an otsloyka of means. Too it isn't necessary to be zealous. Dust can be removed a brush, the tooth will approach. It is impossible to touch with fingers the processed nails.
  3. To walk on nails an obezzhirivatel.
  4. To put the basic covering is thin, an end face too seal. To place a hand in a lamp.
  5. To make a layer of color structure, to dry up. To repeat a step.
  6. To fix a top. To Zapolimerizovat. Using lint-free napkins, to remove stickiness from a nail.

Time of drying depends on what lamp was bought. If LED, 30 seconds, in UF not less than 2 minutes. Gel shouldn't get on skin. If there is a wish for more saturated color, it is possible to make three layers. For the best dehydration buy an acid-free primer.

How to remove a neyl-covering?

It is impossible to break, cut, the nail plate is so strongly injured. It is soaked in the special means containing acetone. The lint-free disk moistened in liquid is imposed densely on each nail. Fingers are wrapped in a foil. Will occupy it somewhere 20 minutes. Even more advice on removal gel varnishes is given in the following video.

On the expiration of this period of time the firm film will start exfoliating, and it will be easy to be removed an orange stick or a manikyurny rake. At the end of procedure skin of hands is moistened with fat cream, apply oil for a cuticle.