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That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: List

Many women of fashion are interested, what is necessary for drawing gel varnish in house conditions, what adaptations are necessary according to the list? It can be a miscellaneous, but basic elements have to be present surely.

What is necessary for a covering of nails gel varnish? First of all, manikyurny tools, after all without the correct preparation of a nail bed it won't turn out beautiful and accurate manicure. For this purpose it will be necessary for you:

  1. cuticle scissors;
  2. nippers or scissors for a cuticle;
  3. orange sticks or pusher;
  4. file for processing of free edge of a nail;
  5. file grinding for dullness giving to a nail plate.

Preparatory stage

For manicure gel varnish it is necessary to prepare especially carefully nails for its drawing to avoid peeling and rejection of material. If you are afraid to use scissors or nippers for removal of a cuticle, it is possible to replace them with special means for a cuticle softening. They are applied directly on the processed place for some minutes, and then easily eliminated with an orange stick or a pusher. After use of substances it is necessary to wash up carefully hands with soap to avoid irritation and a peeling. These means are rather aggressive, and they can't be held on skin more long than five minutes.

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: List For a covering gel varnish in house conditions it is necessary to get special materials and the equipment. Today in the market it is possible to find a starting set for gel varnish which usually includes:

  1. hybrid, UV or a LED lamp for drying of materials;
  2. obezzhirivatel;
  3. primer;
  4. base for drawing;
  5. color gel varnish;
  6. top or top covering;
  7. means for removal of a sticky layer.

With what to begin?

Drawing gel varnish demands obligatory use of special lamps with UV or LED beams. The last dry a covering on average in 30 seconds whereas ultraviolet rays process it not less than two minutes. It is necessary to remember that lamps with LED beams cope about gel varnishes not always rather not with all types. Therefore option ideal for today for drawing a covering are hybrid lamps. In them UV and LED beams are successfully combined, they approach absolutely any materials and considerably save time. It is best of all to use them, but they the most expensive. Therefore everyone has to solve, what lamps to get for work.

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: List To begin drawing a gel covering, it is necessary to process carefully a nail plate and it is obligatory to make manicure. Then to walk on nails a special file-bafom to clean their natural gloss. It will help materials to be linked to a surface better. The manicure should be begun gel varnish with degreasing of a nail plate by means of special means or liquid for removal of a sticky layer and degreasing of nails.

For ensuring the best firmness and extension of term socks of manicure it is necessary to use a special primer. It will provide the best coupling of a natural plate and basic layer that is necessary if your nails not really well hold on themselves a covering. For house drawing and in case your nails well hold a varnish, it is possible to do and without it. The primer can independently dry on air or drying for what the special lamp is used is necessary.

It is possible to begin and with a basic covering. It is just necessary for a covering gel varnish, differently it won't keep on nails. Here some skills without which it won't turn out to apply material correctly are necessary. The main thing governed when drawing a basic layer — closing of free edge of a nail. This main difference from usual house manicure at which it is required only accurate to impose material. The basic layer is dried in a lamp.

Subtleties of drawing a color covering

After a basic layer the main covering is put. It is color gel at which use it is necessary to follow certain rules. That all manicure was equal, without excess bubbles and defects, it is necessary to make some thin layers, each of which has to be dried up in a lamp. Gel varnish, or as it is called still, shellac, demands special accuracy in work. Each color layer it is necessary to seal edge of a nail, differently the covering can exfoliate. Besides, material shouldn't get on lateral rollers and a cuticle. It not only will create a slovenly look, but also can cause allergic reaction.

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: List It will be not so simple to make up nails gel varnish accurately from the first. After all with it all surface has to be completely covered, and thus it is important not to get on skin. Material has dense texture of gel to which it is necessary to get used. It should be applied on a nail with thin layers, differently there is a risk that it will begin to boil in a lamp or forms ugly bubbles. And if it gets on skin or will flow on rollers that often happens, the covering gel varnish will have very slovenly appearance. Immediate removal it from skin until drying in a lamp will be required here, differently it will be difficult to get rid of it. Perhaps even it is necessary to put all layers anew.

After a color covering it is necessary to use a special top. It will add not only gloss, but also excellent firmness. These substances can be both opaque, and glossy, with a sticky layer or without it. What materials to choose for drawing gel varnish, to solve only to you depending on desirable result and preferences.

The top covering is put in one layer with closing of free edge of a nail. Sometimes the plate is covered with several layers of a top, generally to fix design elements. What they will be: pastes, stickers, bulyonka or a foil — to solve to you.

The nails which are correctly covered gel varnish have very beautiful and well-groomed appearance. Accurately and tidily made manicure gives to the woman special appeal. The used materials for manicure can be different, and the varnish should be applied both usual, and gel.

That is necessary for varnish gel in house conditions: List It isn't difficult to put a varnish in house conditions at all, it is necessary to own a certain knowledge and skills only. Then the beginning master easily will cope with a problem of creation of a covering, after all the main thing — it to observe technology and to show special accuracy. The gel manicure should be removed special means or a mill. It not so quickly as removal of a usual varnish, but its appearance and firmness force to forget about inconveniences.

To make manicure house gel varnish — a simple task, but it is necessary to have the special equipment and necessary materials. If you plan to do constantly to yourself resistant manicure at home, it makes sense to get to itself all tools and to carry out it independently. It will allow you to save many means on visit of beauty shops. And if you infrequently do manicure, to manage services of nail technicians that materials hadn't to roll idle cheaper.

Photo of a covering of nails gel varnish

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