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That is necessary for varnish gel - to what to buy a starting set

Covering gel is delicious today so fashionably that many girls decide to do it in house conditions. If to get all necessary materials and tools, the manicure surely will turn out beautiful and not less than two weeks at observance of technology of drawing will hold on.

As service in salons rather expensive, even on condition of purchase of all tools in 3-4 months will turn out to pay back them.

That is necessary for varnish gel - to what to buy a starting set Starting set for varnish gel

Gel a varnish – that needs to be bought

First of all, it will be required to buy UF or LED a lamp which is necessary for polymerization of a gel varnish. Lamps can have different power – 9, 18, 36 watts. The more power, the will quicker and more qualitatively be polymerized gel therefore the most qualitative the lamp with a power of 36 watts is considered.

Also will be required:

  • obezzhirivatel,
  • basic covering,
  • top covering,
  • means for removal of a sticky layer,
  • means for removal of a covering,
  • color varnish.

At will it is possible to get various decorative elements in a look a paste, stickers, a bulyonok which will help to decorate manicure and to make it more original.
If you plan to do manicure in house conditions, it will also be necessary to get:

  • some nail files,
  • bafik,
  • cuticle scissors,
  • means for a cuticle.

Knowing that is necessary on a covering gel a varnish, you will be able by own efforts, having studied information on technology of drawing varnish gel, to do without services of beauty shops and to make accurate manicure.


Starting set for varnish gel

For those who plans to do manicure not at the professional level, and in house conditions, it is possible to get a starting set, already collected and ready to use. Usually all enters it necessary for work about gel as varnishes.

 The starting set gel of varnishes of Cody enjoys popularity among the beginning masters. This best decision for work in house conditions. The main component is the UF-lamp fixing gel on a nail plate.

That is necessary for varnish gel - to what to buy a starting set Cody's set for varnish gel

Besides a lamp enter it:

  • finishing and basic coverings of Cody,
  • means for removal of a sticky layer and removal of the gel,
  • acid-free primer,
  • gel varnishes.

All presented materials are professional, are safe, allow to receive a resistant covering.

As a rule, it is possible to ask to replace one color varnish with another, having chosen more suitable color. The cost of starting sets not really high and at regular use quickly pays for itself.

Liquid for removal varnish gel

That is necessary for varnish gel - to what to buy a starting set Liquid for removal varnish gel

It is possible to remove a gel covering by means of special solution. They are on sale in specialized shops and are presented by production of the most different brands. Some are more expensive, some are cheaper.

Varnishes and remuver of one brand but if the necessary solvent isn't present near at hand recommend to elect the master, it is possible to use and any other. Thanks to a wide choice of solutions it is possible to find the most suitable at the price and volume of a small bottle.

The most popular liquids for removal of a varnish:

  1. CND Shellac Nourishing Remover. The average time of removal of gel makes about eight minutes, and it is a little, in comparison with other similar means. The nut oil which is a part reduces drying of a nail which even with the most expensive solutions completely won't be possible to avoid. According to the producer after use on an okolonogtevy plate doesn't remain light spots. Many manicurists use production from CND.
  2. Nano Prpfessional. Is suitable for frequent use, minimum influences a surface of a nail and treats professional tools for work about gel as varnishes.
  3. Nila Uni-Cleaner. Is suitable for removal not only varnish gel, but also acrylic materials. It is convenient for manicurists who should work with different types of materials and it is quite good to save due to acquisition of this solution.
  4. Nobilyty. It is intended for work with biogel, but also removes also gel varnishes provided that the structure will influence a covering not less than fifteen minutes.
  5. Shellac Remover SEVERINA. An inexpensive economic product for removal gel of a varnish, shellac, and also acryle. It is effective, doesn't damage a nail plate.
  6. ORLY GELFX REMOVER. Differs in the soft sparing structure, carefully deletes gel from a surface of a natural nail.
  7. It is also possible to carry means of FUSION REMOVER, De'Lakrua, Mini Harmony and some other to economic options.

Volumes of small bottles with solutions can be, both small for house application, and big for those who buys means for professional use in salon or a manikyurny office. Thus the price can vary from 7 USD and to one-two thousand rubles depending on the amount of packing and popularity of a brand.

That is necessary for varnish gel - to what to buy a starting set Professional liquid for removal varnish gel

That any of above-mentioned solutions helped to remove accurately and carefully a gel covering, also cotton wool, a foil, an orange stick, and also grinding nail files and nail files will be required. For restoration of a plate use the vitaminized oil, and also the sea salt dissolved in warm water.
Removal process:

  1. To Zapilit the top layer to provide deeper penetration of solution into a surface and a softening of a covering. Otherwise from the first the varnish will it is unlikely turn out to remove gel and it is necessary to repeat procedure once again. For those who got solution from Shellac, this step can be passed as the zapilivaniye doesn't potrbutsya.
  2. To prepare wadded disks which cut and divide in half for each nail. Vatu moisten in solution and turn round a nail plate. From above fix a foil.
  3. Fifteen minutes later it is possible to check as far as the covering is ready to removal, having slightly hooked it an orange stick.
  4. After removal of a covering to wipe a plate of a nail solvent.
  5. To level a nail surface a grinding nail file.

After that nails are again ready to manicure and drawing varnish gel.
The tray with sea salt, and also the vitaminized oil rubbed in a plate will help to protect nails from thinning.

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