Be beautiful » Beauty » That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

The list of that is necessary for manicure gel varnish in house conditions, rather big. Most of women prefer salon just because to understand all the flakonchikakh and tools is represented difficult and long process. And cost on some products frightens. Actually everything is simple, it is necessary to study attentively the list and to count the price of materials and tools, advantage of independent manicure will come up at once outside. And simple videos lessons which it is enough on the Internet will help to seize skill.

That will be required at home and in salon, nuances

As it is clear from the name, gel varnish is a qualitative combination of brightness of a varnish to durability of gel. Except undoubted convenience, gel varnish also possesses properties of an ukrepitel of nails: it protects nails from chips and demolitions, and also fixes stratification of nails. Convenience of use gel varnish is available, after all repainting of nails changes each 2-3 days on drawing gel varnish of times in 3 weeks.

Minus of a covering is that it is impossible to make up simply nails gel varnish, a great lot of supportive applications, thorough training of a nail is necessary and it is a lot of time for each procedure. Procedure repeats time in 2-4 weeks, depending on growth of nails or it is simple to replace desires design.

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

As for the equipment by means of which it is possible to do manicure gel is delicious, it is necessary to understand manufacturing firms carefully. If to come into professional shop, eyes run up from a variety of files and sticks!

You shouldn't buy up everything at once, previously it is necessary to prepare the list of that is necessary for the first time, and then to supplement it as required.

List of prime necessity

Buying something for the first time, everyone seeks to reduce risk of excess expenditure as much as possible. First of all, it is necessary to know that the majority of materials for gel manicure have a long expiration date. And in connection with an increasing demand for similar production it is possible to resell it. It is also not less important to find an ideal ratio of the price and quality.


Basic covering (base) – the first layer which is put before itself gel varnish. Types and producers there is a lot of, and the best option can be found only a trial and error method on certain nails, but there are general recommendations. The base happens:

  1. The usual.
  2. The vitamin.
  3. Rubber (rubber).
  4. With effects (black, color and so on).

The base with effects won't be suitable for the first experience, it is better to buy it when it wants something new. The vitamin base is necessary for strengthening and leaving, but the usual or rubber base will be suitable for constant manicure better. Than they differ?

The rubber has more dense texture and is suitable for alignment and a thickening of a nail plate if necessary. The usual base thin and more liquid, does the executed manicure more graceful at the expense of almost invisible first layer.

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

The prices of bases differ generally only depending on firm. Well proved two of them: Kodi Professional and Bluesky. For the first experience it is worth beginning with the least expensive option, that is with Bluesky Base Coat or Bluesky Rubber Base (rubber).

Interestingly! Many leading firms have a uniform means which is carrying out function and bases, and a top. Despite the seeming convenience, manicurists don't recommend to use it.

Gel varnish

Gel varnish – a layer of color. Happens to spangles and without, the color palette literally bewitches. The firm at good base and a top can be any, but the most equal drawing is provided by Global Fashion, Bluesky and Kodi.

At a choice of color it is necessary to remember that the shade, the more layers of drawing is lighter he will demand, respectively, the quicker it will end. For the first experience it isn't obligatory to order everything in one firm, it is possible to try different and to compare.


Top layer (top) – the top covering. Also happens usual and rubber. The top fixes all manicure, protects a color covering from a stertost and chips. The top helps to remain gel varnish on nails more than 2 weeks!

Nuance! It is desirable to buy a top the same firm, as base, but not necessarily same look. That is the base can be rubber, and a top – usual, or on the contrary.

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

Lamp for drying

Gel varnish dries only under the influence of special lamps. They happen three main types:

  1. Ultra-violet (UV) lamp. From pluses – the price very democratic, is the different sizes, that is it is possible to dry at once both hands. Also important plus of this lamp that it dries all types gel varnish. Minus one, but essential: drying time even at the maximum power (36 W) makes at least 2 minutes. If the lamp has power below, that is risk not finally dry the lower layer. In that case the manicure won't hold on also weeks. There is an opinion that UV the lamp dries skin of hands.
  2. LED (LED) lamp. This look provides fast drying (till 30 seconds) that significantly saves time. Doesn't harm to skin. But the LED lamp dries not everything gel varnishes.
  3. Combined (CCFL + LED) a lamp. The ideal combination of pluses of UV and LED of a lamp – dries quickly and all types gel varnish. But most often the price bites.

The correct drying is very important factor for good manicure, you shouldn't pursue low price, neglecting quality.

Interestingly! Some producers let out gel coverings, tolerant to an ultraviolet, that is it is possible to dry up them without lamp.

Tools for removal of a cuticle

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

For what it is necessary to delete a cuticle? For more durable manicure as at hit of any layer on skin this layer starts departing.

The cuticle is carefully removed from a nail and cut off. For this purpose will be necessary a pusher – a metal shovel with the sharp end. Helps to remove skin and to disconnect it from a nail. Orange sticks are intended for the same, but at their use it is less risk to damage nail plate. As a rule, after moving away the cuticle is cut off by tweezers.

Liquid for degreasing of nails and removal of a sticky layer

Degreasing of nails – an obligatory stage of manicure, liquid erases dirt, fat from a nail and dries a nail plate for stronger coupling with base. Removal of a sticky layer is carried out after base, color and a top.

There are separate liquids for each process, but the combined preparation is much more convenient for use in house conditions, especially for beginners not to be confused in means.

The Severina firm lets out good and inexpensive liquid, for the first experience it is enough to get a flakonchik no more than 100 ml.

Nuance! It is necessary to use such liquid with lint-free napkins, wadded disks won't be suitable for this purpose.


Baf is the same file for nails, but thus baf much more softly and the brusochka that is very convenient for use is on sale most often in a look. This tool is used for alignment of nails before procedure, and also helps to remove a gel varnish from nails.

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

Liquid for removal gel varnish

Usual acetone won't approach and procedure of removal gel varnish differs from removal of a usual covering. Also together with liquid it is necessary to prepare a foil and wadded disks.

For a start it is worth buying liquid of small volume to try it with this base and a top. Good universal liquid is let out by Severina firm, it soft, doesn't harm to a nail, but easily softens all layers.

Also for beginners special sets that it was more clear are on sale how to do manicure gel: on a photo it is visible that such sets usually include all the most necessary, but it is better to be verified with the list.

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

Manicure stages gel varnish

How it is correct to do manicure gel? First pancake not always lump! In case of manicure in house conditions the main thing – the nobility as it is correct to make manicure gel varnish – and then the result will be excellent.

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

It is recommended to carry out at first all stages for four fingers of one hand, then for four fingers another, then for thumbs of hands. The instruction how to do gel a varnish in house conditions step by step:

  1. To remove a cuticle by means of a pusher (or orange sticks) and tweezers.
  2. To degrease nails, having simply wiped a napkin with special liquid, to allow to dry 20 seconds.
  3. It is easy to polish a nail plate bafy, eliminating obvious roughnesses.
  4. Again to degrease nails for removal of nail dust.
  5. To cause base with an even layer. At hit of base on skin or pleated between skin and a nail accurately to remove means before drying from there. The same concerns drawing gel varnish and a top. To dry up in a lamp (UV of 36 W – 2 minutes, LED or CCFL – 30 seconds).
  6. To erase a sticky layer. This stage can be passed if nothing touched nails after drying in a lamp.
  7. To apply gel varnish. If two or more layers are put, each of them dries in a lamp a half of necessary time. To dry up in a lamp. To erase a sticky layer.
  8. To put a top. When drawing the top layer it is worth "sealing" feet, carrying out a brush on a tip and slightly on a reverse side of a nail. In that case the manicure will hold on much more long. To dry up in a lamp (UV of 36 W – 4 minutes, LED or CCFL – 60 seconds). To erase a sticky layer – it is obligatory!

Carrying out manicure step by step and being guided by a photo, it is possible to have no trouble in doing the simplest design of nails. When there is enough experience, it will be possible to diversify the made manicure with various patterns, pastes, forms and stickers, as on a photo.

That is necessary for manicure gel a varnish in house conditions: list, video and photo

Photos and video lessons of manicure will help to perfect skill, to make interesting manicure with a set of details For an example it is possible to look at a video lesson how to make lunar manicure gel is delicious in house conditions.

Over time on a covering there will be cracks and chips, the manicure will need to be removed. Gel varnish it is necessary for removal:

  1. To cut a disk from cotton wool on slices of the size of a nail plate.
  2. To wet them in special liquid.
  3. To put cotton wool slices on a nail and to turn a foil.

In 10 minutes by means of a pusher accurately to clean all layers. If necessary it is possible to repeat.