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White allocations at flavourless women and an itch: reasons, treatment

Many women periodically face allocations from sexual ways. White secretion which doesn't cause discomfort in girls, is a normal factor. However completely to make sure of absence of any pathologies, it is necessary to visit the gynecologist. The qualified specialist will tell about what reasons of emergence of vaginal allocations of flavourless white color and burnings happen.

White allocations at flavourless women and an itch: reasons, treatment

Norm or pathology

As a rule, at young girls bleach appear much more more often than at women of middle age. As the hormonal background in a young organism isn't completely created. And representatives, whose age comes nearer to the menopause period, have stable, unchangeable reproductive system. Emergence of light allocations from flavourless sexual ways and burning isn't pathology if:

  1. color has a transparent or cream shade;
  2. consistence — liquid, watery;
  3. for all day on underwear it is possible to find a spot, with a diameter of 5 cm;
  4. body temperature doesn't increase;
  5. there are no such substances, as: flakes, lumps, clots, "cottage cheese";
  6. there is no irritation mucous genitals.

Often bleach flavourless arise at the woman because of many factors:

  • Pregnancy. For 9 months of future mothers accompany white liquid allocations without foreign aroma. It testifies to increase of level of hormones, and also bleach are a protective barrier from hit of infections in an organism of future child. As a rule, secretion doesn't give troubles. By the end of term of pregnancy the volume of slime can increase because of a stopper otkhozhdeniye from a uterus neck. Bleach don't cause an unpleasant smell and genitals of future mothers don't irritate.
  • Sex. During sexual intercourse at the woman natural greasing at excitement is emitted that as much as possible facilitates sliding of a male genital. If sex was unprotected, for several more days of the woman can observe on underwear substance of white color. The vagina is so cleared of the remains of sperm of the partner. This phenomenon is considered quite natural therefore reasons for concerns shouldn't be. If to use a condom, women's slime will be much less.
  • Reception of contraceptives and medicines. The plentiful smeared allocations which disturb many girls after the use of tablets, don't indicate any failures in an organism and don't demand treatment. Substance of a light shade arises because of change of microflora of reproductive organs. Under the influence of hormones the protective secret which is allocated throughout the entire period of administration of drugs is developed.
  • Stress, nervous breakdown, depression. Continuous experiences, emotional splashes, an overstrain can become the secretion reason. Girls who are in suppressed, a depression notice strengthened bleach on hygienic laying. Thus a pungent smell and discomfort it wasn't noticed. Many gynecologists claim that such phenomenon not a rarity. After normalization of a state of mind bleach disappear independently.
  • Acclimatization. Hormonal reorganization is influenced by magnetic storms, differences of temperatures, sharp changes of humidity of air, atmospheric pressure.
  • Ovulation. Every month under the influence of hormones the impregnated ovum moves to a uterus cavity. This time the most favorable for conception. Therefore the organism of the woman is subject to various changes which promote fertilization process. One of the main changes in days of an ovulation is the plentiful slime without sour aroma and clots having a white shade.
  • Postnatal period. 6-8 weeks later after the child's birth at all women without exception appear transparent bleach. As a rule, from genitals repellent aroma doesn't reach. Young mothers don't complain of an itch and burning to a vagina, body temperature thus remains in norm. Mucous allocations after the delivery occurs because the uterus was completely reduced.
  • Avitaminosis. Light liquid on underwear at women can testify to shortage of C and B vitamins. That will get rid of allocations it is necessary to include in the food allowance cottage cheese, a liver, eggs, bean, a kiwi, oranges.

White allocations at flavourless women and an itch: reasons, treatment

About what the consistence speaks grow white flavourless and an itch

The slime leaving sexual ways periodically changes density, a consistence which sometimes signal about various complications.

  • The liquid. Watery secretion is norm only during an ovulation. Systematic liquid slime can be the cause of inflammatory process in a uterus neck.
  • The curdled. Flavourless "cottage cheese" testifies to an inflammation of uterine tubes, ovaries or to a bacterial infection. Plentiful curdled masses can be the cause of existence of an adneksit, a salpingit, an ooforit.
  • The dense. The dense, viscous consistence is allocated at women if at bodies of a small pelvis there are harmful microbes. As a rule, dense bleach without foreign aroma are connected with fungal, bacterial, virus damages. Timely assistance will relieve of negative consequences.
  • The mucous. The consistence reminding a snivel without a certain smell and an itch isn't a deviation. If allocations proceed all menstrual cycle, so the infection lodged in an organism (trichomoniasis, clamidiosis, a vaginosis, gonorrhea, the milkwoman).

Features of treatment

On the basis of the made tests the doctor will find out the reason is more white and in a case will appoint complex treatment which consists from:

  • Antibacterial medicines, vaginal candles. It will help to kill activity of pathogenic flora of bodies of a small pelvis.
  • Preparations for intestinal microflora restoration. And also introduction to a food allowance of the patient of fermented milk products. Thus, the vaginal flora of the patient will quicker be restored.
  • Vitamins and physiotherapeutic procedures which promote restoration of immune system.
  • Physical exercises, water procedures, walks in the fresh air. Occupations promote improvement of blood circulation in a vagina.

White allocations at flavourless women and an itch: reasons, treatment

Some women give preference to nonconventional medicine. Recipes of preparation of drugs:

  1. Soda. It is used for syringing and trays. In 1l warm boiled water part 1ch a soda spoon. Solution 3 times a day wash out a vagina. To prepare a tray it is necessary to pour in a small basin 1l warm water, to add 1 tablespoon of soda, 1ch an iodine spoon. It is good to mix. In liquid it is necessary to sit 15 minutes once a day. Treatment by soda effectively struggles with the milkwoman.
  2. Camomile. Take 5 tablespoons of a pharmaceutical camomile, fill in 3l boiled water. Densely cover, insist 45 minutes. Then accept a tray of 20 minutes before going to bed.
  3. Juniper. Take 30 g of fruits, fill in with 1 glass of boiled water. Insist 6 hours. After food use on 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.
  4. Pine. Buds of a tree (20 g) fill in a pan, pour 2 l of water. Cook on slow fire about 40 minutes. Insist 60 minutes. The cooled-down solution syringes 2 times a day before disappearance of symptoms.

Before application of folk remedies it is necessary to get advice about it from the treating gynecologist. As not always nonconventional ways of treatment yield positive result.